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  • Hesham Zebida (Famous Bloggers) – Blogger Profile

    The next blogger that I will be interviewing is Hesham Zebida of I’m sure many of you have heard of Hesham before as he’s developed quite a large online presence over the last number of years. Hesham is a highly motivated driven individual and works hard to ensure that FamousBloggers along with his other [...]

  • Holly Jahangiri Interview – We Blog Better Winner!

    Holly has been crowned the winner of the  Surviving The Blog Contest !- She has done incredibly well and has been determined right from the start that her interview would be the last one published here on the site. Well it looks like her wish came through and today she walked away with 1st place and [...]

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  • So as promised here is the interview with Brian Belfitt the founder of Blog Engage, a brilliant social network for bloggers. I’m sure Brian will be more than happy to answer any of your extra questions if you have them in the comments section below Q1. What was your inspiration for Blog Engage? When I [...]

  • Brian Belfitt is next up to be interviewed here at Brilliant Bloggers. Brian is a successful online blogger who is probably best known for founding Blog, a social media network that’s specifically for bloggers. Brian is a graduate of Business Administration Marketing and lives in Ontario Canada.   Brian has several blogs and websites of his [...]